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Advantages of Education and Employment Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship programs help potential employees get the industrial experience needed in order to succeed in their professions. Apprenticeships presents practitioners ability to acquire licenses to use in their regulated professions. Apprentices offer labour to employers training them in their professions for a specified duration. The benefits an apprenticeship offers is coming to the attention of many employers. Apprenticeship is not only for new employees but the old workforce as it encourages them to engage in apprenticeship to help further their profession. An apprenticeship does benefit not only the employer but also the employee. Advantages of an apprenticeship is as described below.

First of all, the apprenticeship s increase staff loyalty and retention. In-house trained customers are more motivated, committed and supportive of a business and its objectives. When staff is given an opportunity for apprenticeship, they see their job as a profession making them stay for longer. This enable companies to reduce recruitment costs. When an existing workforce is granted an apprenticeship, they feel an important part of staff making them happy about investing in their future. Companies that have embraced apprentices have realized a more satisfied and motivated workforce. This has led to increased retention of employees.

The second benefit is increased company bottom line. Investments in staffs who have undergone apprenticeships positively affect a company’s finances increasing its ability to compete. Most customers prefer using companies that take apprentices. It is possible to calculate return on investment an apprenticeship realizes on your company on your company website. Additionally, the amount apprentices pay helps a company not to use much on recruiting new workforce.

The third benefit is that apprenticeships free up existing staff time. When business is in the growth stage, basic jobs rob the time of existing employees who end up not concentrating on the key aspects of their profession. Apprentices are allocated these small duties a they learn and act responsibly, This relieves the unnecessary burdens of the experienced workforce. Better allocation of roles increases your company’s productivity.
The fourth benefit is that apprenticeships provide skilled labour for the future. Apprenticeship equip staff with skills that benefit the business over time. An apprenticeship also makes sure that skills developed are matched with the future needs of a company. This will provide the company with a source from within of skilled staff.

The final benefit is that apprentices can revitalize your business. Most of the times, apprentices possess positive attitudes as well as new work approaches which they bring on board bringing a knock-on effect on the existing employers. By undertaking apprenticeship, apprentices show their readiness to learn and contribute new ideas into the company. Due to the fact that apprentices come from different background, they have different insights to be incorporated in a company’s operations.

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