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Tips for Good Hygiene to Improve Sanitation

The health of a human being, as well as an animal, is a thing that should be looked upon with caution. Maintaining a good health in an individual or an animal has a wide range of advantages that one can get. Sanitation by definition is all the methods that will include good hygiene, whether chemical or biological accompanied by proper disposal of waste. One’s efforts towards good sanitation can be through the complicated procedures in huge laboratories or the small things which may include proper waste disposal. Water remains to be the key element that can either lead to good sanitation or a bad health. a variety of diseases can be caused by having water that is contaminated with the bacteria thus water plays a very big role in good sanitation. water maintains the balance that exists in an ecosystem in that plants and animals will be able to have good health. the practice of a good sanitation will involve as well having good hygiene where one cannot have one without the other.

Filtration, landfills, ecological and recycling are some of the methods that can be used while improving sanitation. Ecological is a process involving disposing of waste properly so that it does not have any harmful effects to the environment.

Filtration will involve the sterilization of water and filtering away any waste products to get the final product that is safe for consumption. in filtration there are a number of components that can help in cleaning the water where sand will help in the filtration, gravel will aid in the prevention of the sand from getting out and an under drain that will be the source of the filtered water.

Landfill as a process to proper sanitation has been said to be the most effectual way that is very cheap. The process will only involve having the waste products that can decompose to be buried underground. Garbage will be collected in designated places in the landfill process.

One of the most essential ways of waste disposal is the recycling process. The waste is usually transformed into a new product that can be re-used again. They are mainly beverages containers and food cans.

Proper sanitation will create a place that will be healthy to the inhabitants of a place. It is the responsibility of a person to make sure that proper sanitation is practiced. the society should be briefed on the ways to proper sanitation. Disposing of waste at the designated areas which has been made easier by litter bins that are strategically placed in a given area.

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